My year of WOW

Almost a year ago, I wrote my first blog for Brick Barn Fitness entitled “A Simple Question.” Little did I know my journey would evolve from “moving is the answer” (it still is) to how should you move, can you move in that fashion, and where do we go from there? Hint: it’s not where most people think, or most coaches prescribe.

I’ve spent the past year studying CCP, a program for coaching fitness put together by James Fitzgerald. James was the first-ever “fitness man in the world,” as proclaimed by CrossFit during their inaugural CrossFit Games. Already a student of fitness, James took the information he had acquired and applied it to mixed modal workouts, which are the hallmark of CrossFit exercises. But James would also tell you that HIIT (high intensity) workouts being pushed today are not good if the “goal is general health and wellness” to which I’d add longevity.

I recently returned from a CCP - immersion course taken in Scottsdale, AZ. Held at the corporate headquarters for OPEX, a few dozen coaches from all over the world listened and participated for three days to learn how to apply the knowledge we are in the process of acquiring. It was a grueling three days, and as you can probably surmise, I was the eldest in the room. I’m still working on the final exam, which is: find, consult, access, design, and coach for 30 days, seven individuals.

Jim Crowell, CEO - OPEX Fitness (photo credit: OPEX Fitness)

Jim Crowell, CEO - OPEX Fitness (photo credit: OPEX Fitness)

I decided it’s time to start “fleshing” out the story of Brick Barn Fitness. In the days, weeks, and months to come, I hope to put forth some ideas for consideration. OPEX is unique; as a company, it prescribes the long road to fitness, which in this day and age of quick fixes and buzzwords, is refreshing. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly where you are? Not just in fitness, but in your ability to perform any of the fundamental movement patterns we use in everyday life? Wouldn’t you love to know some basic lifestyle guidelines to increase vitality and mental acuity? Stay tuned; these are the questions I’ll be presenting going forward, and helping people to understand; if their current ability ends here: | : then their programming for fitness should begin right next to it: ||.